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The Baltimore Property Experts

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"Forty plus combined years managing commercial properties in Baltimore city is more than enough time to validate the expertise of Vision Property Management (VPM). As a company owned and operated by natives of Baltimore, we have known this city for a long time and we use our history with the city to the advantage of each client. Our unique quality is our distinctly deep knowledge and love for the city of Baltimore and it's residents."

"We are the home team, dynamic duo of property management in Baltimore, also known as Celestine Johnson and Jesse Dingle. Our journey with VPM Baltimore began years ago as seasoned employees working for a company that showed us the ins and outs of business in this industry. This business has helped us both develop our personal careers to the point of ownership and we now seek to develop this business."

Celestine, also known as Celeste, has been with VPM for nearly 30 years in total, investing the last 3 years as an owner. Her specialty has always been taking care of the tenant and owner relationships due to her knack for customer service. Whenever someone calls VPM they are used to being greeted by her kind soothing voice saying: "Thank you for calling Vision Property Management, this is Celeste speaking. How can I help you?"

Jesse joined VPM over 5 years ago as a financial specialist. His background in accounting and bookkeeping balance well with Celeste's customer service skills to keep business in order at VPM. When it's time to collect, invest, or save, Jesse's has always had the insight to guide the company into great decisions even before becoming an owner 3 years ago. He's literally the guy who makes sure the tenants pay and also the one who gets the owners paid on time.

These two business partners have a uniquely cohesive model where they trust and rely on each other to complete the tasks at hand. Both being military veterans surely assists the pair in keeping a balanced focus & understanding on the high level of expectations they are held to. In the industry of property management, these two aim to please all parties involved and their well oiled machine of a business model has led them to high heights.

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