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It's Inspection Time!

Summer is just about here, which means its time for the first of our bi-annual property inspections. Inspections are an essential aspect of the real estate industry and here at Vision Property Management we pride ourselves in taking care of the essentials for our property owners. The convenience of having us do your building inspections for you means you can forget about them and focus on more important tasks (like acquiring new properties).

Building Inspections done by VPM Baltimore

ATTN Owners & Tenants:

Our building inspections are done in June and again in December each year for each of our properties. CLICK HERE to reach us with questions or concerns.


The benefits of a building inspection are many, including:

► Finding building issues sooner than later

► Allows time to budget and plan for repairs

► Can reduce costs of potential future repairs

► Creates ability to prioritize repairs over time

► Develops trust and comfortability in tenants

► Confidence in knowing your building is up to code


Besides the reduced costs, codes and ethics that make building inspection an obviously great idea, many say that the best part getting building inspections done involved how it makes the building owner feel. Owning a commercial rental property is a large responsibility when you are aiming to provide a quality living experience. The desire to have your property in top shape can sometimes be stress-inducing due to the numerous moving parts in play. We support frequent building inspections here at VPM Baltimore because we see how it improves the ownership experience for our clients.

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