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Support a Black Owned Business for Black History Month

Support Black Owned Business

We all have an obligation to support our community in any way possible. When it comes to the black community in Baltimore we recognize some of the unique needs of black tenants. It is often more comfortable to make large decisions about where to live or how much rent is fair to pay when the person explaining the information looks like you and subsequently has had similar experiences finding a living space. At Vision Property Management we offer an equal opportunity playing field to all of our tenants and aim to make everyone feel comfortable in understanding the living arrangements we negotiate.

As a black owned business we have experienced some of the challenges that our tenants have encountered within the real estate rental industry. Our awareness of our community and its needs make us well equipped to serve members of the black community who need homes at affordable rental rates. We are also able to better address concerns about certain neighborhoods or school districts because of this additional awareness of what a black family of tenants may be needing.

As we continue to grow as a black owned business that loves taking care of the black community, we want to welcome ALL of the Baltimore Metro community (not just black residents) to support black owned businesses throughout this month to create open conversations about how we can all take better care of each other. We believe in community effort across the board and community effort for us means taking care of tenants, owners, employees and contractors alike. Help our community grow by referring a friend in need of a rental space or by connecting us with a property owner in Baltimore who needs property management representation. We are here to serve you!

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